Call me Dr. Lady Doctor...

Patient: “Nurse. Could I get some ice?”

Patient’s daughter (whispers): “Mom, she’s the doctor.”

Patient (whispers): “She's a doctor? A lady doctor?”

Me: “Yeah. Let's go with that. 'Dr. Lady Doctor'.”

That's right. Call me “Dr. Lady Doctor". I've specialized in women’s reproductive health for over 18 years working as a fellowship-trained Ob/Gyn, including my time as a Medical Officer for the World Health Organization in Geneva and a Senior Medical Advisor for the International Planned Parenthood Federation in London.  It's been a career goal to break down gender stereotypes in the medical profession -- one patient (and even a few doctors!) at a time. 

Dr. Lady Doctor
aka Dr. Kelly Culwell

I am passionate about women’s health – both domestically and globally – and find the greatest joy from educating patients, friends, family members, co-workers and anyone within ear shot about women’s sexual and reproductive health. My goal is to bridge the gap between women and their healthcare providers; empowering them to speak openly about their bodies and ask the right questions.


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