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Health Class Redux: Your Lady Parts

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Look familiar? This is all girls and women are taught about their "lady parts" in health class or sex ed. I bet all of you reading this could identify all (or nearly all) of these parts without the labels.

But what about the parts we can actually see? How many of us know the difference between the labia minora and majora or the mons pubis? Researchers at USC recently published a study where they tested women about their knowledge of their lady parts. The average score was 66%, which isn't as bad as the researchers anticipated but the difference in knowledge between the internal parts we see in sex ed (otherwise known as part of the "ram's head" of female anatomy) and the external parts we don't discuss was pretty stark. Between 70-90% could identify the internal parts but nearly 50% couldn't label the clitoris, labia majora or minora or urethra. (An outlier in the external genitalia group, 90% could find the anus!)

Want to test your knowledge? There's a great quiz available from The Guardian newspaper which covers both the internal (don't cheat with the picture above!) and external female genitalia. Leave your scores in the comments below!

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