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Don't try this at home (no really, don't): beauty products for your lady parts

Updated: Mar 30

So when I walk into Sephora, I'm always amazed that an industry has been able to create a need for THAT MANY products to enhance/create "beauty". And then I read this hysterical (and satirical) post from Jezebel, written in Goop-esque style, about one "minimalist's" vaginal beauty routine

While I'm not sure if any of the featured products in this article are real, there are plenty of actual beauty products for your "vagina" (usually used synonymously with vulva which is what they actually are used for).

Given the self-love and #nomakeup movement, do we really need products to make our lady parts look more beautiful?

But my real concern is the potential vaginal health impacts of these products. The vagina is remarkably self-sufficient but the delicate balance of good bacteria vs. bad bacteria can be thrown off by any variety of insults - especially fragrances, harsh soaps and other chemicals. And when you end up with an allergic reaction, bacterial vaginosis or a yeast infection, I'll bet you wish you hadn't felt the need to "highlight" your "v".

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