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The Doctor is In!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Dr. Lady Doctor makes a house call with Erica Ballard Health in this week's The Full Plate podcast! Listen in as Dr. Lady Doctor helps us get smarter about our cycles by explaining: 👉 How hormonal birth control works and affects the body 👉 What a “normal” menstrual cycle looks like and why it’s a critical marker of overall health 👉 How to safely transition off birth control (if you want to) and what to expect in the process

👉 What the “fertile window” is and whether it’s a reliable form of birth control

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Birth Control. Hormones. Menstrual Cycles. So. Many. Questions.

This week, I have some answers thanks to @drladydoctor Kelly Culwell. Kelly has been an OBGYN for two decades and has seen more than 28,000 vaginas on five continents. Is that a fact or what

On today’s episode of The Full Plate, she speaks openly about the female body and helps us re-evaluate the questions we ask. So, we can get the answers we seek. I hope this episode inspires you to get in touch with your own cycle. And it empowers you with the information to make informed choices for your body. @ericaballardhealth

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